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Wanda Cinemas Tap RealD In Largest 3D Installation In Format History Imax  and Imax China Holding have entered a deal with Wanda Cinema Line to add 150 theaters throughout China over a six-year period. Construction will Skiptracing apps begin in 2017 with 110 cinemas expected to be completed by 2020 and the rest by 2022. This will take Wanda’s Imax footprint to 360 in a market that is a rabid consumer of the format. The Middle Kingdom generates about a third of Imax’s global box office sales. Imax and Wanda have been in business together since 2007 when China’s largest exhibitor opened its first large-format theater in Dongguan. Wanda Cinema currently operates more than 160 Imax theaters. Imax CEO Richard Gelfond calls the deal “a landmark development” in the company’s history, particularly as “signings lead to installs, higher box office and ultimately more revenue.” Wanda and Imax now operate under a revenue-sharing model that is “more sustainable,” Gelfond added, which “opens new opportunities to jointly release critically acclaimed local-language films.” While Imax works closely with the Hollywood studios to release their films in the Chinese market, the company has also dived deep into local-language. With Wanda as partner, it has collaborated on such titles as Man Of Tai Chi, Go Away Mr Tumor and last year’s Mojin: The Lost Legend which became Imax’s highest-grossing local-language pic ever. Smartly, the company plans to increase Skiptracing sites the number of local-language pics it releases in China and recently earmarked $50M for Mandarin-language productions under the Imax China Film Fund with partner China Media Capital. Already released in the format this summer have been Wanda’s For A Few Bullets, Edko’s Cold War 2 and Jackie Chan-starrer Skiptrace which crossed $100M in local box office over the Paid Skiptracing tools weekend. This coming weekend, Imax will release the 3D adventure Time Raiders Skiptrace Pro starring Star Wars ambassador Lu Han .

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